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As of March, 2013 the Warrior Eli Hoax Group’s home on the web has moved.  Please visit us here: You can also subscribe to our updates using the information below.


As we mentioned last week, a recent security issue has prompted us to move the Warrior Eli Hoax Group website to a different host. For the most part, the transition has been seamless, and our name remains the same.

Unfortunately, some of our subscribers will be lost in the transition, unless they re-subscribe with our new host.

  • If you are an email subscriber, your address was transferred and you will continue to receive email updates of  new posts.
  • If you subscribe to our comment or post feeds, you will need to edit your feed to pull its content from these new links:


  • If you are a WordPress subscriber, you will need to subscribe via email or a feed reader to keep receiving our current posts. We are not deactivating our old account however the staff at have told us that the new content will not be delivered from our self-hosted blog to our original WordPress subscribers. There are a lot of you, and we hope you will make the transition with us.

You can subscribe via email at  Look for the ‘subscribe’ button in the left hand column.

Thank you all for following along. We appreciate all of the comments and feedback, and are looking forward to getting back to the business of hoax busting now that the website move is complete.

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Stealing Preemie Pictures


From here.  Now look here.  (Thanks, elizemeijer)

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